How to update minecraft

Updating to the latest version of Minecraft allows you to play Minecraft with the newest and the coolest features. It’s actually easy to check for a Minecraft update, whether on the PC, your mobile phone or console.

Here’s how to update Minecraft, laid out in a step-by-step method

Where To Find A Minecraft Update

Updates for Minecraft can be found in several places. If you’re playing on desktop, the update can be found on the launcher, by updating to the Windows 10 edition or by re-downloading the game at the official Minecraft website.

For mobile devices, the update can be found inside the Play Store or the App Store. On consoles, updates are normally seen in the respective dashboards.

How To Update Minecraft, Step By Step

For Desktop

Step 1. Find and double click the Minecraft app to open the Minecraft Launcher.

Step 2. You may be required to log in. Enter your email address, password then click on the link that says “Log In”.

Step 3. Find the button that says “Play” and see if there’s a “Download” tag right beside it. If there’s no Download link then your version of Minecraft is already the latest. If not, the Download tag will show you what version number you’re downloading.

Step 4. Click on “Play”. The Launcher will automatically download the newer version. There will be a progress bar to show you how the update is proceeding. Wait until the update is finished.

Step 5. If there’s no Update tag and you know that there’s an update for your Minecraft, you may re-download the Minecraft Installer. Start by doing an uninstall, then head to and log in. Find and click the Download button on the top left side and wait for the installer to finish.

Step 6. If you’re on Windows 10 then you can get a free upgrade to the Minecraft Windows 10 version. Go to and log in as necessary. Find and click the “Redeem” button, then go to the Microsoft Store and download the Minecraft app from there.

For Mobile Devices

Step 1. Get to the App Store (for iPhone) or Play Store (for Android) then go to the Updates or My Apps & Games.
Step 2. Find the Minecraft app and see if there’s an Update button. Tap it and wait for the download to finish before tapping on Open to play Minecraft.

For Game Consoles

Step 1. Head to your respective console’s dashboard. For Xbox One, it should be under My Apps & Games, for Playstation it should be on the Game Library, and for the Nintendo Switch it should be on the Home Page.

Step 2. See if there’s an update available. For Xbox One, it should be under the Games, then Menu option, for the PS4 it should be under Check For Update, and for the Nintendo Switch it should be under the Software Update section.

Step 3. Follow the screen prompts to download the update and wait for it to fully finish before opening the app or powering down your console. If the download is interrupted you may have to start over.

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