How to Tame a Horse in Minecraft

Minecraft is a widespread and popular game. Creators tried to make it as simple as possible. Intuitive interface, the most easily to manage, the goals in the game and the appearance – is simple.

Who has played this game for a long knows that there are many interesting things in it. One of them is a horse.

Types of Horses in Minecraft

A horse is a positive and tamed mob used by players as a transport.

In total there are 7 main suits of horses in the game: black, brown, light brown, brown (beige with black mane and tail), sparkling (red with light mane and tail), gray and white, and also 5 variants of marks – without spots (clean suit), piebald (with large spots of irregular shape), in apples (small round spots), cap (with a dark back) and with stockings on legs and a star on the muzzle . The horse’s parameters – (health, jump height, running speed) – don’t depend on the color of the horse, but depend on the pedigree. In nature, horses cannot jump over a fence, but, being saddled, acquire this ability.

Horses in minecraft

Horses have more elaborate models than most other mobs, and can perform some actions: stand on their hind legs, showing discontent, eating grass and wagging their tail. Horses can be found only in a plain biome or savannah.

In the game files, you can find a horse-zombie and a horse-skeleton. This species only spawn in Halloween but can be obtained by the team and the eggs of the invocation.

As a rarer version of the horse, a donkey may appear. The mule appears if you cross a horse and donkey if you nutrify it with a golden apple or a golden carrot. Donkey and mule can be raised (fed with wheat or apples), saddled and tamed, however you cannot equip it with armor. You have an opportunity to attach chests on them, by clicking on the donkey with the right mouse button, holding the chest in your hand (you can’t remove the chest). To open the chest, you need to right-click, holding Shift. In that way you will open the inventory.

During a thunderstorm from a lightning strike, horse-traps may appear. They dissapear after 15 minutes (18,000 cycles), if they were not activated.

When the player is not further than 10 blocks from the trapped horse, lightning strikes it, turning the horse into a skeleton-rider on a horse-skeleton. Lightning doesn’t set anything on fire or harm the nearest mobs. Also, three more skeleton-riders will appear. Each skeleton will have an enchanted iron helmet and bow with defense from damage for 3 seconds after the spawn. Rider skeletons move very fast due to the horse’s speed and maneuver just like skeletons, shooting at attack and retreating if the player moves towards them.

How to Tame a Horse in Minecraft

Start with searching for horses. You may breed them yourself if you are in the Creative mode. It is recommended to seek a young horse and then rear it.

Horses grow fast enough, you just need to feed them. You can feed your horses with sugar, wheat, red apple, golden apple, golden carrot.

To tame horses, you should feed them. The greatest chance for taming gives a golden apple – 10%. Gold carrots give – 5% chance of taming. Other food products – 3%.

How to Tame a Horse in Minecraft

How to Ride a Horse in Minecraft

You can saddle a horse. To perform this action, right-click on it. Your hand should be free. Do this the first time will not work, you will need to repeat the action several times.

How to Ride a Horse

Wild horses will throw the player off themselves, but after a number of attempts, the horse is tamed and no longer seeks to throw the player away.

Ride a Horse in minecraft

To get off the horse, you have to press the left Shift.

Pinch Spacebar to make it jump high. The strength of the bounce depends on how much you hold Space. When Space is squeezed, the scale of the experience is filled with a blue line from left to right, and, reaching the end (maximum jump power), quickly returns to 2 cells back (these cells become yellow during the allocation), and slowly begins to subside. A jump will be made when the space is released. During a high jump, the horse makes the animation of standing on its hind legs to make it seem like it is repelled by the hind legs (but it also lands on the hind legs, not on the front legs.) The horse can surmount obstructions up to one block without high jumps.

With the help of a leash, the horse can be driven along (this doesn’t work with a horse-skeleton and a zombie horse), while the player can use other items, not necessary to hold the rope in his hands. Right-clicking on the fence will tie the horse to the fence, which won’t let it go far. A blow at the place where the rope is attached to the fence throws off the leash and releases the horse. If the horse is located far enough from the fence to which it is tied, the rope will “tear” and fall out.

When a character is on a horse, the hunger indicator is reflected in special hearts – the horse’s health and the bounce strength indicator are displayed instead of the experience strip. Horses can eventually restore their health, and the horse can be treated by providing it sugar, wheat, any kind of apples or a sheaf of hay.

The horse has an ability to swim and swims if the player, holding the W button (by default), sits on it, however, it is drowning at this time, and if the player on the horse gets into the water with his head, then he climbs off the horse. Sitting on a horse, it is difficult to overcome obstacles, and it is much easier to do this with a leash.

How to Saddle a Horse in Minecraft

You can find the saddle in chests that are in fortresses, abandoned mines, a hellish fortress, a desert temple, a jungle temple and an NPC village in a blacksmith’s chest. Also, saddles can be obtained in the form of the element “Treasure” from fishing.

How to Saddle a Horse in Minecraft

Once you have tamed a horse, you can saddle it. Click on it – if it becomes on the rack, unfortunately, you haven’t tamed it. Search for the next horse. If you managed to saddle one, then pointing at it with your mouse, you will see the “Open” button. This will show the interface of the horse. In that interface you can place a saddle and armor on the horse.

Saddle in Minecraft

In case the player is already sitting in the saddle, you can right-click on another horse and this action will immediately transplant the player to a new horse.

How to Armor a Horse in Minecraft

But not for all kinds of horses you are able to wear armor. Horses that don’t have the ability to wear armor – they won’t have a suitable slot for horse armor. However, if there is such a possibility, then you need to click the “Open” button. You’ll see a horse’s interface where you can equip your horse with armor.

How to Armor a Horse in Minecraft

How to Breed Horses in Minecraft

If you want to breed horses, it’s required to feed the tamed horses with the golden apples (both simple and strengthened) or golden carrots. When you breed horses, it’s necessary to take off the saddle and armor from them. You can cross donkeys and horses, and you receive a mule. You can’t reproduce mules.

Foals cannot be saddled and you can’t put on them the armor or a saddle. They can be grown by feeding wheat, apples, sugar or sheaves of hay. And after you grow a foal, you can saddle it.

A foal may have more good characteristics than parents, such as greater maximum health. When breeding tamed horses, subsequently grown offspring must be tamed.

How to Breed Horses in Minecraft

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