How to Play Minecraft on LAN

Minecraft – is a fascinating sandbox, in which there’s an opportunity to build cities. But, what an interesting game it would not be, it’s not enough to play alone. In order for Minecraft not to lose its fans, the connection to the server was thought out, so several players will be able to communicate with each other and conduct the game.

When you learned how to play well in Minecraft, you mastered all the basics of the game, you explored its inner world, you can go to an online game that can be played both with people from other cities on Internet servers and with friends on the local network. We will tell you how to play Minecraft on the local network and on the Internet.

At the moment there are four types of multiplayer game mode: Creativity, Survival, Hardcore and Adventure. The game in these multiplayer modes almost does not differ in any way from the corresponding game modes, except that you play along with other players.

Multiplayer in Survival is often called SMP, which stands for Survival MultiPlayer – a multi-user survival mode.

There are many different sites on which lists of game servers are presented. In Beta 1.8, a list of visited servers appeared, which simplified the connection to them. With pre-build 1.3.1 (12w25a), the menu automatically searches for the server on the local network.

Why do we need Minecraft servers if there is an ordinary computer at home? To put home a network game, which will come in hundreds or thousands of users, of course, you can. But you need to consider that it should work without interruption 24 hours a day. In this case, excuses for disconnection of electricity or the Internet by players are not accepted.

In addition, it is necessary to install Internet with good bandwidth, order a permanent IP-address, which not every provider provides simply. As for the processor, the one that stands on each computer cannot withstand such a load. And Minecraft servers can provide uninterrupted access for several thousand players.

If you choose a server for the game, then pay attention to the technical parameters, the number of players, the type of game, its version and rating. It is better to read reviews about a specific server, so that the game doesn’t bring disappointment just because you have chosen the wrong server.

If you are going to install the game and look for a server for it, then you need to pay attention to completely different parameters. Look at the cost, cheap doesn’t mean good quality. Preliminary look at the reviews and talk with support, pay attention to communication. Competent support is a good indicator, don’t forget about the speed of replies. It is not necessary to wait from the support of rapid reaction, because even before the purchase, the response time is a day or more.

How to Play Minecraft on LAN

If by all parameters the server suits you, the reviews are also positive, and you are ready to rent it, don’t rush. You can ask the server for the test period, configure all the components and only then pay for it.

How to Play Minecraft on LAN

Make sure that all computers are connected to the same network. Minecraft will allow you to connect to multiplayer if all players are connected to the same network.

In case you are located at home, then all computers are connected to the same network. It’s a little more difficult with school or work computers.

You can use VPN (Virtual Private Network) to connect multiple remote computers to the same network. This is useful when playing together with users who are in different places (without having to create a server).

Make sure that all users have one version of Minecraft. It’s necessary to connect to a multiplayer game. Determine on which computer the game will be launched, and then use the profile editor on other computers to specify one version of the game.

How to join LAN server Minecraft

Open Minecraft Launcher and click Edit Profile.

How to join LAN server Minecraft

Choose the version of the game in the “Use version” menu.

Start the game on one of the computers. This computer will be called a “host” and should be a very productive computer. On the host, download one of your game worlds in single mode.

Open the pause menu. After downloading the game world, you can open it for all users connected to the same local network.

Press “Open Local Area Network”. The process of setting up the network game will start and a new menu will open.

How to create Minecraft local server

Select the multiplayer mode. It can be “Survival”, “Adventure”, “Creativity”. Also here you can enable and disable the possibility of introducing cheat codes.

Choose the game (on the host) and click “Connect to server”. On the screen above the game will be displayed “Network World”. Having connected to the host, you will observe the game world and you can start playing.

Teleport players closer to the main player (who sits behind the host computer). Once connected to the game, users will find that they are quite far from the main player (especially if the main player has already started exploring the world). The main player can teleport other players in order to play all together.

On the host, press “T” to open the chat window, and then enter /tpPlayer_name Host_name. This will result in teleporting the player «Player_name» to the main player. Repeat the process for each player.

Make sure that every player in a new place sleeps in bed. This ensures that in the event of a player’s death, he will be reborn in this place.

How to create Minecraft local server

Download Minecraft server files on a computer that will act as a server. The Minecraft server allows you to create a permanent game world, to which you and your friends can connect. Such a server will be a private server so that only your friends can connect to it. Also, on this server, you can install the mods. At the same time, your computer should be constantly turned on and connected to the Internet.

Create a server folder to install the server files in it. Create such a folder on the desktop (or somewhere else) and call it “Minecraft Server”. Copy the file minecraft_server.X.X.X.exe to this folder.

Start the server program. Two files will be created in the folder, and the program will close automatically.

Open the .eula.txt file. You can find this file in the “Minecraft Server” folder.

Change the .eula = fasse to eula = true. Save the changes and close the file. So you accept the terms of the Minecraft server program.

Run the server program again. If the Windows Firewall window appears, click Allow Access. Many other files will be created in the folder “Minecraft Server”. Close the server window.

Right-click the file and select “Open with.” From the menu, select Notepad. The server configuration file opens.

Find the line .white-list = false. Replace it with the string white-list = true. So you create a whitelist, where you will enter trusted players. Users who aren’t on this list won’t be able to connect to your server.

In this file, you can make other changes to the game settings, but now save the file and close it.

Start the server and add the players to the whitelist. Perform this action with the following command: whitelist add Player_Name.

Forward port 25565 to allow other players to connect to your server. You have created a server and a whitelist with the names of your friends. Now it is required to configure the router to allow your friends to connect to the server and access the game.

Open the router configuration window. To do this, in the web browser, enter the address, or The address may be different depending on the model of the router.

It’s required to enter the user name and password of the router administrator. In the documentation for your router, find the username and password to access the default settings (unless you changed your name and password).

Open the Port Forwarding section. It can be located in the “Advanced” or “Administrator” section.

Create a new rule using the IP address of the server computer. Forward port 25565 for TCP and UDP.

Open Google on the server computer and enter .my ip. The public IP address of your computer is displayed. Copy this address or write it down. Tell your friends the address, so that they exploit it to connect to the server.

Note: if you have a dynamic IP address, it will sometimes change. In this case, tell your friends your new IP address. You cannot do this if you create a dynamic DNS. To do this, it is required to create an account on a paid service that will automatically redirect users entering your domain name to your current IP address.

How to connect to LAN Minecraft

You created a server, a whitelist, and redirected the ports. Now your friends will be able to connect to your server with the help of the IP address that you told them, but you will have to exploit a different IP address.

How to connect to LAN Minecraft

Open the multiplayer menu in the game Minecraft. Your server should appear in the list of games; otherwise, click Add Server. If you are playing on a server computer, enter If you are sitting behind another computer connected to the same network, enter the IP address of the local server (the one you used to redirect the port). In case you connect to another network, enter the IP address of the public server.

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