How to make Saddle in Minecraft

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As you know, Minecraft is all about fun, entertainment, and enjoyment. And there is not enough fun without riding pigs, mules, and horses. To ride these cute creatures, you’ll need to avail yourself of a saddle, which is not that easy to get.

Lots of players often ask us how to craft a saddle in Minecraft. We would like to emphasize from the very start that unlike many other items, the saddle cannot be crafted, but it can be found instead. You can go search ancient temples and, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll find a saddle somewhere in the caches. You can also venture and scour dark dungeons for chests that may contain a coveted saddle. But remember that completing such quests requires that you be well-equipped and experienced in the matters of survival. Those players, who are reluctant to spend much time searching for the necessary item, may want to resort to cheating. Still, there is another, purely economic way of obtaining a saddle. If you have enough loot, you may try trading with villagers who may offer you a saddle in return for your goods. Fishing enthusiasts, in their turn, have a small chance of fishing out the necessary item. For those players who cannot wait and need a saddle right, we offer some useful tricks to use.

Finding a Saddle in Chests

Finding saddle in cheast

As we have noted, no one knows how to make a saddle in Minecraft (at least legally). So, we suggest that you try using the first effective method, which is searching for rare chests on the adventures. Though the chance of its appearance is not that high, you’ll be able to find it somewhere, if you keep on looking.

If we speak of chances, it should be noted that you are most likely to find a saddle in the chests located in the dungeons scattered underneath the ground. Such chests boast of a record 54 % chance of spawning the item of your dream, which means that you’ll be destined to get a saddle if you venture to descend into the dungeons. You will be able to recognize a dungeon by its mossy walls and an abundance of cobblestones, as well as such unpleasant creatures as zombies and spiders. On the off-chance that you come across a chest-less dungeons, don’t hesitate to leave it and head to another location. If you find a dungeon with two chests, it’s a good sign. You are very likely to draw a saddle out of one of them.

Another spot whose chests are famous for spawning saddles is a Nether Fortress. To get there, you’ll need to create a Nether portal frame of obsidians blocks.

If you venture to visit such a gloomy and unwelcoming place as the Nether, you’ll have a nearly 40-percent chance of getting a saddle from one of the fortress’ chests.

Trading for a Saddle

Trading for a Saddle

Another way to get a saddle is to trade with a local leatherworker. We guess that you are an experienced Minecraft player that has already tried trading some loot for precious stones, namely, emeralds with villagers (those big-nosed harmless guys that walk around murmuring something). But if you need a saddle, the one you should look for and trade with is the leatherworker villager. As soon as you complete available trades, you’ll get an opportunity to trade you items for a saddle.

  • Those playing Minecraft PE cannot trade, since there is no such option as trading.

Furthermore, you may try and collect a sufficient amount of resources to unlock the ability to purchase a saddle. Unlocking this option usually costs players 10-17 emeralds. And don’t forget that you’ll need to spare extra 7-10 gems to buy the item itself.

Fishing for a Saddle

Fishing for a Saddle

One more saddle recipe players try involves fishing. And avid fisherman can boast of hooking a saddle, though the probability of getting this item during fishing is dramatically low (less than 1 %). Still, if you go fishing anyway, why not test you luck?

First of all, you’ll need to create a rod. Get at least two balls of string and three sticks. Wood planks can be a good source for sticks, while a spider’s cobweb can provide you with the necessary strings. Now you’re ready to craft this simple tool.

Crafting recipe for fishing rod

Place your sticks diagonally in the crafting area boxes. Then, select your strings and place them in the empty boxed on the right of the crafting grid. Don’t forget to click the fishing rod icon.

With your new rod, you can head to the nearest pond or lake. Avoid fishing in shallow waters (those that are less than 2 blocks deep) to preserve your tool’s durability.

Keep an eye on the bobber. When it begin to jerk and then dips underwater, seize the moment and cast the line out of the lake. Reel it in as fast as possible not to lose your catch.

Fishing for a Saddle

Luck of the Sea is the enchantment any god fisherman should try. It considerably increases the chances of finding something worthwhile during fishing. Who knows, maybe, this spell will help you fish out a saddle!

how to make sadle in minecraft

Cheating to Get a Saddle

cheating for a saddle

And one more Minecraft saddle recipe for you!

You can also resort to cheating to get a saddle. Those in the process of creating their new world should access the Create World menu and activate cheats from there. Those players that have already created their worlds should head to the Pause menu and enable the “Allow Cheats” option.

Then, you’ll need to switch to Creative mode and navigate through the list of the available items until you find a saddle. Don’t hesitate to place it into your world. Upon doing so, you’ll be able to switch the game back to Survival mode and use the new item.

saddle craft recipe

You can avail yourself of some simple commands to land the saddle in your inventory. Press the “T” button to open the chat. Type in the following command, then:

/give playername saddle 1

How to Put a Saddle on the Horse in Minecraft

You may want to try your new saddle out and ride a fine horse right after obtaining it. It is a good idea! Still, prior to realizing your intention, you’ll need to tame a horse in Minecraft. Yep, no wild horses will let you put a saddle on them. They are quite obstinate creatures.

Once you pick a horse you want to tame, approach it and use the animal with your empty hand.

How to Put a Saddle on the Horse

Try mounting it. It’s very likely that you’ll end up being thrown off its back several times. Still, don’t get frustrated. Try until the animal lets you remain on its back.

While on top of the horse, open your inventory and select a saddle from there.


There should be an empty slot next to the image of a horse in your inventory. Make sure to place the saddle in it. Voila! Now you’re a full-fledged rider that can gallop the world of Minecraft and win the hearts of fair ladies.

To control your animal use the same control you use for moving. If you want to enliven your horse ride, hold down the Jump button to make your steed jump.

When you are done with riding, remove the saddle by selecting your horse and withdraw the saddle from its inventory.


Enjoy your game and have fun!


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