How to make a shield in minecraft

In Minecraft, shields are defensive tools. They are among the many armor tools that you can craft by yourself. Its major role is to protect you against attacks from your enemy. Let’s us explore how to go about it and how you can make a colorful shield.

Recipe for making a shield in minecraft

You can only craft to obtain a shield if you have the following:

  • one iron ingot (white one in the image)
  • 6 wooden planks (brown ones in the image), as shown below

If you want a shield with a banner pattern, then you will need:

  • One banner
  • One shield

(We will explain this in our “shield customization section”)

How to craft a shield in survival mode

1. Open the shield crafting menu

The first step is to open a crafting table. This will show a square crafting grid of 3×3 that looks like this:
How to craft a shield in survival mode

2. Add your ingredients to make a shield

After opening a crafting table, you should now add ingredients: one iron ingot and six wood planks.Planks come in different wood types such as dark oak, oak, acacia, spruce, jungle and spruce. In our example, we will use oak planks. When making your shield, you should ensure that you put the wood planks and iron ingot as shown in the picture above.

As in, the first row should have one wood plank in the first grid, the iron ingot in the 2nd box and one wood plank in the 3rd box.In the 2nd row, you should put three wood planks. And, in the final row, put one wood plank in the 2nd box. As shown below:

Add your ingredients to make a shield

After filling the crafting table with the right pattern, your shield will show in the box on your right.

3. Move your new item to the inventory

Now that you have finished crafting a shield, your next step is to move it to your inventory. Congrats, you have made your first shield in minecraft. Next is to make it colorful.

How to make colorful shields

Once you have your shield, you can use gradients, stripes, solid colors and borders to customize it. Don’t worry – you can still use your colorful shield to protect yourself from attacks. Let’s see how you can make your shield colorful.

You will require:

• A shield
• Banner (any color of your choice)


1. Open your crafting menu that has a 3 by 3 grid. It looks like this:
How to make colorful shields

2. Include items to form a colorful/custom shield

On the crafting grid put one shield on the 2nd row in the 1st box and a banner in the 2nd box. Have a look at the custom shield crafting recipe:
How to make colorful shields

3. Finally, move your colorful shield to the inventory.

The importance of shields in minecraft

The main purpose of a shield is to block any kind of damage such as explosions, melee attacks and projectiles, etc. shield are mostly put on the off-hand slot.

When equipped, the player should right-click. This will raise the shield to hinder any incoming attack from other players or enemy mobs. The player can then negate any attack coming from a 180-degree radius.

It is likely for a player to use their shield to deflect arrows, directing them back to their origin. Doing so makes the shield an offensive and defensive tool in such a scenario. When you raise the shield you will decrease our movement speed.

Also, when you use a shield and a player attacks you using an axe, your shield has a 25 percent chance of being deactivated for 5 seconds. Plus 5 percent for each efficiency level on the axe and 75 percent if the axe wielder sprints.

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