How to Make a Firework in Minecraft

Minecraft is the popular game which is all about digging mines and building 3D blocks. There are varied terrains in a virtual landscape, presented in the game, where the player is supposed to play the game of building blocks. Minecraft is absolutely interesting and was without a doubt the best-selling PC game in the world of its time. The graphics are catchy and interesting. The players of the game often wonder- what’s the Minecraft firework recipe! Here we entail the secret to mastering the art of Minecraft fireworks.

Where you can find materials for fireworks

All you need to know before you are set to create fireworks in Minecraft, is that you have to first gather all the necessary resources. To start off with, you need a crafting table, and you can do this with 4 wood planks. Just in case you want the fireworks to be colourful, you will also need colours or dyes. For making your Minecraft fireworks colourful, you will require a furnace as well. There are certain important places you need to check, in order to find the materials for fireworks. The most crucial component of this is gunpowder. You will have to kill the creepers (the creatures that hiss, particularly at night), to get the gunpowder. You will also require paper, for which you will have to harvest sugarcane. This sugarcane plant can be found near water and is tall and light green in appearance. For different colours of dye, you need to refer to different materials available in the game. For red and yellow, use flowers of the corresponding colours, for green use cactus, for blue, you will need the dark blue rocks.

How to craft a firework

When you have collected all the essential stuff, you need to right click and tap on the table and press the trigger. If you want to use the colour effect, open the crafting table and click and drag the source of the desired dye on any block of the table. If you use blue, you will have to smelt it.Do all like in recipe on pictures. After this, you need to retrieve the dye. Select the dye and tap it, then tap your inventory.


For what do you need firework

  Some uses of fireworks are: – alerting the players once their time is up. Using it to deceive and trap someone is a lucrative idea. Fireworks can also be put to use as the checkpoints on a race map. You can also use them to scare certain mobs away. Fireworks are mostly used when it’s a team game, and more than one or two players are involved. Fireworks can also be used as a means of distraction.

How to use it

You can create different shapes of fireworks like stars, rockets, burst fireworks, etc., and then use them to make an actual firework lightning. You can shoot your firework items and then enjoy the explosion and light show. Fireworks makes the game way cooler than it was earlier.

This article should enable you to get that firework show going which you have been struggling for quite long now. Even though there are a number of graphics intensive and adrenaline-pumping games in the market, Minecraft is still a favourite of many gamers out there, and makes one every time one tries his/her hands on this nostalgic.


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