How to Make a Fence in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the world’s most popular games due to its usage variability. Other than being just an entertaining game, Minecraft has found its way into classrooms since teachers increasingly use the game for educational purposes. Minecraft is usually referred to as a sandbox because it allows users to create a game based on their experiences and background settings using their creativity, resources discovered on the site and building blocks. A fence is a standard feature in Minecraft. It has a variety of uses depending on the type of game you create, but its main usage is enclosing an area. Here is how you can craft a fence in minecraft

Fence recipe Minecraft

1. Create wood planks

Fence recipe Minecraft

To build a fence, you will need at least six planks. Different types of colors will create different color fences. One wood can create four wood planks by putting it on a crafting table grid. The four planks can be used for the fence while the remaining two can create sticks.

2. Craft two sticks of the same wood

Craft sticks using two of the six planks. You will do this by turning the two planks into four sticks. Place one plank directly below the crafting table and one in the center.

Craft two sticks of the same wood

3. Craft fence pieces

Put a stick directly below the crafting stick and another in the center. Place planks on both sides so that it follows a plank, stick, plank pattern from below. Note that every piece needs to be from the same type of wood. Add the pieces of fences to your inventory.
Fence recipe Minecraft

Why do you need a Minecraft fence?

For any game to be entertaining, it has to have several barriers. Minecraft barriers come in fences. They act as railings especially on floating platforms or edges of balconies. A Minecraft fence prevents players from falling over while checking what is past the fence. This is because fences are usually 1.5 blocks taller than mobs and players.

Types of Minecraft walls and fences that can be in Minecraft


Slabs are half height blocks and can be made from nether bricks, bricks, stone, stone bricks, and wood. The recipe for creating slabs is similar to that of fences only that materials change.



Stairs are useful since they allow you to go p and down slopes without the need to jump. You can also use them to make slopes like roofs on houses.They can be made from nether bricks, bricks, quartz, stone and stone bricks. The recipe for making them is the same.


Fence gate

Fence gates are fences that go in walls or fences. They are tall to prevent players and players from jumping over. They are made from any wood.

What recourses you need for crafting a fence and where you can get it.

  • Nether bricks — you can mine nether bricks on the nether using a pickaxe. If you use any other object you may not be able to split the nether.
  • Wood bricks – wood brinks are made from wood and can be mined using a pickaxe
  • Clay bricks – clay bricks can be mined from a clay block from a lake or a river.


Fences, as we have seen, are essential in every game you create on Minecraft. Feel free to use the above process of creating a fence, and how to get the resources to create the fences.

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