How to Make a Book in Minecraft

The gaming world is vast and quite intriguing. With each waking day new games are crafted with numerous discoveries made for the existing ones. In the world of Minecraft, you experience gaming in a uniquely different perspective. There is always something new to learn and discover. Do you know how to make a book in Minecraft?

Here, we discuss intricate details on how to make a book in Minecraft. A book is an important part in your inventory. Crafting enchanted books and bookshelves is all made possible by learning the basics of making a Minecraft book. Read on to find out how you can teach yourself how to make this basic item in Minecraft;

How to craft the book

First you must head on to the crafting menu and click open. Here you are required to open your crafting table. Your table should be a 3 by 3 table grid as shown below. This is where you will arrange your Minecraft book materials.
How to craft the book

What is needed to make this book?

To make your Minecraft book, you need a few materials. They include one leather and three pieces of paper as depicted below.

How to craft the book

On the 3 by3 grid that you earlier prepared, add the above items in the particular order. Going horizontally, the first row should have, one paper placed in the first box, another paper in the second box and the third box should be left empty. On the second row, place one paper and in the second box place the leather. The rest of the boxes remain empty. This is the correct Minecraft book recipe. To help you with that, see the picture illustration below.

How to craft the book

Thereafter the complete Minecraft book will appear in the separate box on the right. Remember to move the finished book to the inventory before you leave.

Where to source for materials

Books may be easy to make once you have your materials but finding the actual materials or ingredients required to make the book is where the real trouble is. For starters you want to craft paper which you can make by finding sugarcane. The best places to find sugar cane in your world is near large water bodies. If it is hard to instantly find the cane, follow the coast line or banks and you may come across some.

Once you do, it is wise to grow your own sugar cane farm in the event you want to make more paper later. On your 3×3 crafting grid, place sugar cane on all three boxes in the first row. Thereafter, paper will appear on the right box. This amount of sugarcane is enough to make three units of paper which you will all use in crafting your book. Here below is an illustration of how your grid should look like.

How to craft the book

On the other hand, you can make leather from killing animals like cows, rabbits, horses. Each animal killed means you have two units of leather. If you need to make more leather, you may have to breed cows by growing wheat which you can then harvest to lure them into an enclosed place.

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