How to Install Minecraft Mods

You wonder, how to install minecraft mods correctly? In fact, there is no standard way to install minecraft mods, because each of them is created by different people using different methods. Each mod should have its own installation instructions, but most believe that you will use Minecraft Forge, which will simplify it all. Therefore, in this article, we’ll show you the Forge method for the installation.

Modifications are gaining popularity every day. Their number is now difficult to calculate, as well as to try everything without exception.

Perhaps, there is not a single real gamer who does not know what mods and add-ons are. If someone still does not know, then in brief: these are all kinds of additions that can both slightly change the game, and to the full unrecognizability. For example:

  • new models are added in the game world;
  • new assignments are issued;
  • conversations are changed;
  • new game cards are added;
  • subject to modification capabilities;
  • there are hitherto unknown characters.

Install minecraft mods with Forge

Mods can often be very difficult to run. Fortunately, there is a bootloader called Forge, which will cope with all this business.

Minecraft Forge – this is an addition to the Minecraft, allowing the use of mods in the game. For example, you are tired of the standard lan, you want to diversify it – use forge and download the mod. Another example – you want to play on a new server, try to connect and you have no connection to the server. You see a message that you do not have suitable mods – here you need Forge.

Step 1. Backup your game files.

There is a mess with Minecraft mods with the original content of the game, and since the developers of the mod vary in skill and experience, there is always the possibility that something can go wrong. This includes files in which Minecraft saves the worlds you have created and stores data about your achievements and other characteristics. Therefore, before installing any mod you should always create backup copies of these files.

One of the most important files when it comes to mods is minecraft.jar (usually called just “jar”). This is a folder with archives, in which there are all the important files and folders of the main file. Other important folders are .minecraft /saves and .minecraft /stats, which store data about your worlds and achievements. These three folders are the main ones that you need to make stand-by (but you can also back up the entire .minecraft folder to be 100% sure of security).

So, find where these files are stored on your computer:

Windows 7 and 8

C:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\

Windows Vista/XP

C:\Documents and Settings\user name\Application Data\

Mac OS X

~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/

On some operating systems, you may need to extract the hidden files and folders before you can see these directories. In Windows, this is the setting in the control panel. For example, in Windows 8 you will find it in the “Control Panel” > “Appearance and Personalization” > “Folder Options” … then click “Show hidden files and folders”.

Step 2. Download Minecraft Forge.

Go to the official Forge site.

Find out which version you need (it has to match the version of Minecraft compatible with your mods).

Find this version number under the heading “Versions”.

If you are installing Forge for the first time, select the one that is recommended.

To download the installation file, find a link named Installer-Win (for PC) or Installer (for Mac).

If you want to pass advertising, click Show All Downloads and hover over the small “i” next to the name of the installer of the version you are using. In the window that appears, select the link in which Direct Download is indicated – this is a direct download link that does not go through AdFly first (an advertising service that shows your ads before you go to the download page). These ads sometimes look like links to trick you into downloading malware, so it’s recommended to use a direct link.

If you selected AdFly, wait five seconds for the counter to be in the upper right corner to count, and the Skip Ad link appears. Do not click anything except Skip Ad Link, which will take you to the Forge download page.

Step 3. Install Forge.

After the file is downloaded (and you scanned it with antivirus software), double-click to open it, and then select “Install Client.”

Step 4. Launch Minecraft.

After Forge is successfully installed, run Minecraft and go to the drop-down menu of profiles – you should see that you now have a new Forge profile. Log in with this profile and click “Play” (wait until the green bar is fully loaded). Now you should have the Mods menu option. Exit Minecraft.

Step 5. Load compatible mods.

Mods can be found all over the Internet, and some sources are more reliable than others.

Take extra care before clicking on any download link and always run a good virus protection on your device.

Forge itself is mod, and any mod that you want to install with it has to be compatible with it. You can find this information in the place where you have a mod (for example, a message on the forum with a download link) and in the documentation that you upload with the mod files.

Step 6. Install Minecraft mod.

Now all you need to do is copy the entire zip mod file to the mod folder that Forge created in the /minecraft folder.

Step 7. Launch Minecraft.

Now, when you are running Minecraft, you will see the mods that you put in the mod folder specified in the “Mods” menu item.

Below we have listed the best mods for Minecraft, among which you will surely find some for yourself.

Interface, graphics and scenery


As you know Minecraft is not very well optimized. It poorly works on weak laptops, and on top machines any noticeable improvements in terms of graphics are visible. Optifine is a mod that not only improves performance significantly but also makes the game much better. It supports HD-textures, soft lighting, and a double increase in frame rate (fps) is not uncommon.

Inventory Tweaks, NotEnoughItems & Waila

This trio of mods can significantly improve the interface of the game, especially if you have several mods installed at the same time. Inventory Tweaks allows you to sort the chests with one click and automatically replaces the tools if they break. NotEnoughItems provides a list of all the blocks available in the game, as well as possible recipes for crafting, and, finally, Waila shows all possible information about the block if you move the cursor over it.


By default the map in minecraft is quite useless, firstly it does not display the details; Secondly, to look at the map, each time it is necessary to get it from the inventory and except for the current location there is nothing on it. JourneyMap fixes all these annoying trivia – you can make notes directly on the map, fix the map in the corner and stuff. If you manage to get lost in the three pines, JourneyMap will help you get home safe and sound.


Bibliocraft started out as a way to store books in closets, but over time it grew to a whole heap of blocks and decorations of your house. Stands for armor, shelves for potions, cans for cookies, watches, lanterns, showcases, stately chairs, and even tables and tablecloths. After Bibliocraft your base will look like a cozy house.

Chisel & Carpenter’s Blocks

For some, the design of the base is of secondary importance, but for others, this is the most important part of the game. These two modes give you the tools to customize almost all aspects of your database design. Chisel provides new textures for the most common blocks, and Carpenter’s Blocks adds various aesthetic changes: doors, torches, stairs, fences and so on.

Nature and food

Twilight Forest

Do you like adventures? This mod adds a new, full of treasures and monsters dimension – jungle, immersed in the eternal twilight. To get there, you need to throw a diamond in a purple lake surrounded by flowers. You will find many labyrinths, enchanted groves, glaciers and many other places full of rewards for those who dare to explore the dimension of the gloomy forest.

Biomes O’Plenty

The “Update That Changed The World” released in 2013, added more variety to the world of Minecraft. But Biomes O’Plenty adds much more – 75 new biomes, to be precise. From the prairies and coral reefs, through lavender fields and ominous forests, to the tundra and wasteland. You will need to create a new world for the changes take effect (do not forget to select “Biomes O’Plenty” when generating the world), but it’s worth it to see Minecraft as you have never seen it before.


Sometimes mods add powerful enchanted items. Sometimes mods add complex mechanisms. Botania adds only flowers … but what flowers! The flowers that heal you. Flowers for animal feed. Flowers that are setting up monsters against each other. Flowers that eat cakes. You can also use flowers to get into the world of elves. If you want to try something different from most other mods then Botania is what you need.


If you like the agricultural part of minecraft, then you might like the Forestry mod. This is a huge mod, adding a lot of different things, cars and blocks, but the main thing in it is bees. You can become a beekeeper by building an apiary and catching wild bees, crossing them with the help of real genetic principles to create various useful resources.


Another great mod, with which you can create an interesting world in the generation. It adds a lot of new trees, and you have many different ways to decorate your home. Also, several new edible plants and resources are added and makes the Lower World (hell, Nether) more dangerous. In general, the mod is perfect for those who want mods, not changing the game too much.

Technologies, mechanisms, energy


In previous mods, we learned something about biology, and now let’s study programming. ComputerCraft adds programmable computers and programmable robots called “turtle”. Programming is based on the easy-to-learn Lua language, and with it you can make password-protected doors, chat rooms, program a miner-turtle, and even make a game in the game. The possibilities are almost endless.


Moving things and materials from one point to another is a common problem in Minecraft. EnderIO solves this problem simply and elegantly – with the help of a pipeline, through which you can transfer anything: liquids, objects, energy and signals of redstone. Also, the mod adds several machines for improved ore processing. When your base starts to grow and becomes more complicated – EnderIO is one of the best ways to sort out and organize everything.

Applied Energistics 2

Warehousing can also become a problem when you begin to implement automation everywhere. Applied Energistics 2 turns things into energy and saves these data in memory cells available over the wireless network from anywhere in your database. Sounds like magic? But believe us, once you have everything set up correctly, the wooden chests will seem like a hopeless relic of the past. Also, the mod adds devices for direct interaction with other machines.

Extra Utilities & OpenBlocks

This pair of mods is just a collection of small utilities. Extra Utilities adds a golden lasso to transport friendly mobs; curtains, partially transmitting light, if you want to make the room dark; belts for automatic mobility; soundproofing, for example for stables. OpenBlocks, on the other hand, will add sleeping bags, hang-gliders, elevators, tombstones, rope ladders and other small but useful changes. Both modes perfectly complement each other.


It’s always interesting to see fresh ideas in mods. PneumaticCraft is a technical mod, but the machines use air pressure instead of electrical energy. For the operation of machines, it is required to build compressors, pipes and valves, and everything must be carefully thought out, otherwise, the explosion is inevitable. But if everything is done correctly, then in return you will get interesting devices, for example, pneumatic doors and an air gun.

Magic and mysticism


Witchcraft in Minecraft – amazing, witchcraft in Minecraft with Thaumcraft fashion – even better! This is a huge mod that allows you to rebuild some objects in others with the help of magical essences. In the process, you will be able to create altars, magic wands, golems and fill dozens of jars with colored vials. There’s even a game-headband, deciding which you will open new spells.


And the last one on our list, but not in importance, is the mod in which you can create a lot of dimensions, called “epochs”, using special books. The linked book allows you to move between dimensions, the describing book transfers to a random measurement, and records its parameters, which can then be rewritten in a special notebook, then create your own measurements with specific parameters. Various fantastic worlds will be available, clearly inspired by the cult game Myst – snow-covered islands floating in the air or an endless ocean with giant trees growing right out of the water. But be careful, some measurements are unstable, and can fall apart right under your feet.

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