How to Download and Install Minecraft Texture Packs

It is not a secret that Minecraft always changes along with the resources, textures, and modes that are an integral part of the game. If you are tired of the way your Minecraft looks and plays then it may be high time you changed the physical appearance of boring objects.

A texture pack represents a collection of files aimed at changing Minecraft block textures, as well as mobs, various items, and GUI. Downloading and installing new Minecraft texture packs will make the game look more appealing to you.

Please keep in mind that there are texture packs available for both the Creative and the Survival modes of the game, with the latter having the majority of available packs. So, the first thing you should do is to choose the appropriate texture pack prior to downloading.

Downloading Texture Packs

We are sure that you won’t be tinkering with downloading a texture pack, since it is quite an easy process. You just need to visit the site of your choice that offer packs for free and download the one that catches your eye. Moreover, you can test the selected pack as many sites have preview available. But stay vigilant and download mods only from reputable sites that have positive feedback from real users. Make sure that the files you aim to install are not malware. Once you are done with that, go ahead and download the necessary texture packs file that should be in a .zip format.

Downloading Texture Packs

How to Install Minecraft Texture Packs

Now you are going to find out how to install Minecraft texture packs in various operating systems.

Minecraft Texture Packs for PC

Want to install Minecraft texture packs on PC? Go avail yourself of our further recommendations.

Once you have downloaded the pack proceed to the saves folder containing the necessary file. Right-click on it and press “Copy.”

Minecraft Texture Packs for PC

Then you will need to open the Minecraft texture pack directory by pressing the Windows key and R. Then type in the following details “%appdata%/.minecraft/texturepacks” and press enter.

Minecraft Texture Packs for PC

After doing so, right-click in the directory and choose “Paste.” In a few seconds you will see the new pack in the directory.

Upon completion, fire up your Minecraft, open the menu and select the texture pack from the list of the available texture packs. After selection press “Done.”

Minecraft Texture Packs for PC

Minecraft Texture Packs for Mac OS

Minecraft texture packs for Mac? Also not a problem! At first you will need to open the Minecraft texture pack directory you are already familiar with. As a rule it can be found in ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/texturepacks/. In case you didn’t know, ~Library can be accessed by clicking on the “Go Menu,” pressing the “Option” key and subsequent selection of “Library.”

Minecraft Texture Packs for Mac OS

Then click and drag the selected file in a .zip format into the directory.

Minecraft Texture Packs for Mac OS

The next step requires opening the game and choosing Mods and Texture Packs from the Menu. This will let you load the new textures as well. Select the necessary texture and click “Done” to finish the installation.

Minecraft Texture Packs for Mac

Minecraft Texture Packs for Xbox One

Playing Minecraft on your home Xbox One console? So here are several tips how to install Minecraft texture packs on Xbox One. You will see that on this platform, the process is really that easy.

While in Offline mode, launch the game on your Xbox One like you normally would. Next, click “Store” and choose an add-on you find interesting or exciting. Clicking on the add-on and subsequent clicking on “Unlock” would mean that you are ready to make a purchase of the selected addition.

Please note! If you decide to play on such alternative platforms as Xbox One, you should be aware of the fact that there is no way to install free mods, as well as skins, map packs, etc, since all additions are paid on the console version of the game.

Texture Packs for Minecraft PE

Beating your brains about how to get texture packs for Minecraft PE? Here you are!

In contrast to PC version, Minecraft PE is something that requires more time and effort to get adjusted to your liking. Check out how you can achieve your goal.

First, go to texture pack section to download the mod you want.

Texture Packs for Minecraft PE

After attaining a .zip file on your computer connect your device to it.

Texture Packs for Minecraft PE

Next, transfer the texture pack file to the SD card of your device. The name of your file should be something like this: “nameofyourchoice”.

Texture Packs

Go to “Pocket Tool”.

Texture Packs Minecraft

First select “Install Downloaded Content” and then click on “Textures”.

Install Downloaded Content

Hold down the file you aim to install. After that the message asking you whether you really want to apply the file should pop up. Choose “Yes” to get the process completed.

Your next step will be going back to “Pocket Tool”. Find and select your new texture in the list of available packs. Select “Apply Changes” in the settings menu, and go in-game to create a new world and enjoy the new texture in Minecraft PE.


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