How to Build House in Minecraft

Many Minecraft players often prefer to play their game in a nomadic style. However, it is better to start with a house, especially when you are just a beginner. This will give you the ultimate protection against common dangers and ensure success. In this Minecraft house tutorial, we’ll show you the necessary materials and steps for building a house.

What materials you’ll need

Just like other Minecraft builds, the first things you need to prepare are the materials. To build a house, it requires at least a full stack of the following ingredients:

  • Cobblestone
  • Wood
  • Dirt

Depending on the place you build your house, you might use sandstone and wood as well to detail the interior and exterior areas. Avoid sand and gravel because these materials are usually fragile and won’t stay in place.

What do you need to prepare for building a house

Before building your house, it is important to choose a suitable location. Literally, you can place your home anywhere in Minecraft. However, the best strategy for a beginner is to pick a high point, such as a mountain or a hill with a lot of flat land surrounding. In most cases, you should have 10×10 blocks of space.
Also, make sure to have the following tools to speed up the process of building your house:

  • Axe to chop wood quickly
  • Shovel to dig up sand and dirt quickly
  • Pickaxe to mine coal and stone

How to build a house in MC

Step 1: Dig the foundation

Using a pickaxe or shovel to remove a 10×10 square of blocks from the location where you want to construct your house.

Step 2: Lay the floor

Chop 25 wood blocks and convert them into 100 wood planks. After that, lay these planks to create your floor.

Step 3: Build the wall

The simplest way to construct the walls is to lay a one-block wall around the outer edge of the foundation. Repeat until it is at least 4 blocks high. Keep in mind to leave a 2×1 space on the wall for your front door.

Step 4: Add the roof

Place blocks inwardly to fill the top of the walls, from the top-most units the inside areas are covered.

Step 5: Add the front door

You can create a door by placing 2 wood plank blocks in the first 2 columns of your crafting table. Then, use a 2-block high and 1-block wide to place the front door.

 Why do you need a house in Minecraft?

If you are a beginner, it is really important to know that houses play an essential role in the success of most players in Minecraft. These structures provide you with the ultimate protection against hostile mobs, thus reducing your chances of getting dead. More importantly, they are also the place where you conduct most, or even all of the necessary operations, such as enchanting, smelting, as well as crafting. For these reasons, it is best to create a house on the first day of your survival mode.


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